Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday's Thoughts

Just a random photo that I accidentally took this early morning. I had no plan on doing something this morning, so I dressed up and voila, narcissism attacked. LOL. This is what happen when you have no trust to people to help you take photos. Hahaaa. All you can do is isolate yourself from the crowd and in camera-self-timer we trust. LOL. Bedroom is definitely best place to take in :p

No, I'm not complaining about having no boyfie around. No. But yes, I kinda miss half part of my (blogging) life. Call me freak or else because of my dependency to my boyfie. Well, it's all about trust issue anyway. Don't get me wrong, not because I don't trust anyone to help me taking pictures, but it's way easier to collaborate with my loved one because I can do thousands of weirdo poses before getting the 'right' ones. And I don't feel hesitate to make my boyfie, i.e walking hundred stairs just to get the photos that I want to.

But truth be told, the world is changing and I can't hide from the world forever. At least I should try to pose in front of anyone else. Well, I definitely don't wanna have indoor photos forever, though. Hmm, I might add this kind of progressing behavior to my 2015 resolution. Hahaa.

Talking about resolution, I'm beyond excited to see my trip-list for the rest of year. Really can't wait to be hang around with new people, smell the new air, see the other of God's creations. Ahh, late night is coming, I should probably stop mumbling before my word gets out of control. LOL.

have a nice weekend, people!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Recovery Day

I got sick for almost a week, but thank God, I'm waaaayyy better right now. Been go back and forth from hospital also. Injections suck. Hahaaa. I got for almost four times injections, and it were all hurts as hell. Not to mention the long time to inject me because the dosages were quite hard. Mehhh. Thus, I couldn't help to ignore my blog. I can't even have time to reply all of your comments (so sorry, but I'm on my way back, I promise!)

But here I am now! Fit and strong (even not in my best shape yet! LOL). And because it's Sunday, and I'm in my recovering day, and have nothing to do, so I manage to take some snaps. Hihiii. Feel way better though! :)

Hope you guys okay, and have a nice day!

mint top - ROWLs
lace shorts (old) - ROMWE
dream catcher necklace - random store

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

It's Okay To be Far Away From Your Loved Ones

It's been two months already, since my last met with le boyfie. Well, long distance relationship sucks actually. But truth be told, the hardest part of being away from your loved ones is the bored feeling looking at your phone without being able to touch them.

As for me there are certain things I've done for years now, just in case I miss my family or le boyfie (P.S I've been living far from my family for almost 7 years now!). Old school ways you can tell. Hahaa! The first thing is CALL; somehow hearing their voices is healing our souls from homesickness. Don't just texting or emailing. Call your loved ones once in a while is good for both souls though. Video calling is way better!
The second one is A SURPRISE LETTER/GIFT; what's better than welcoming postman in the door nowadays (or it's just me? Mehh.) Give them a surprise could be letter or maybe gift, as long as it posted through mail/postman. Nothing is better than seeing big smiles on your loved ones faces, right? And knowing their feedback can cure your (my) homesickness.
The third one is LOCKING THEIR SMELLS THROUGH THEIR CLOTHES. This one is my ultimate weapon, LOL. When you have no credits on your phone, or your internet connectivity sucks, or you have no money to sent letter/gift; I always sit on the comfiest place on my room, lock the door and grab my mom cardigan (which already mine, but still has mom's smell), and smell it all day long until I feel better. Thus, I always save mom's and boyfriend's clothes in my closet. And to add the feeling, me and le boyfie sometimes bought our couple clothes right before he left. And just because we're both not into malls, we usually bought it through online; and one site which provides couple clothes (baju couple) is Zalora Indonesia. We worn the clothes for few days and exchanged it. So boyfie has mine, and I have him. Hahaa.

Those tricks maybe sound silly for some of you, but it works for me though! :D


Sunday, March 8, 2015

Current Addiction: Puffy Dress from Prom Times

Today is not my favorite kind of Sunday. I'm being sick for almost six days now, and it gets worse because I'm faaaaaarrr away from home, so nobody's taking care of me *crying* Ohh, damn you virus, I even hard to leave my bed, but work is waiting, so I always move with extremely dizzy head and red nose in the office. My bad appearance so far. But luckily, since I get two days off from work, I chose to be back home where mom is always there to take care of me *hugs* LOL.

But since, I almost spend my time indoor and with no energy, I have more time to refill my brain with new inspiration through online. Well, don't let those viruses win! Hahaa. And talking about inspiration, I just bump into prom dresses 2015 inspiration, well even those kind of dresses are lifetime style, but materials do change, don't they? And I'm back with already well known gown web store, Prom Times ( I'm kinda into some fluffy materials, so I just happy like a kid while I found Prom Times have those kind of puffy dress!!! You guys can check their products here; and I definitely share my favorite ones :)

Ahh, I just so in love with this creamy dress! It might be love at the first sight. But, who doesn't love this beautiful yet has sexy back dress? :)

Such a dreamy dress!!!!!! It will surely makes me look like a real princess!!!! Don't you guys think so? And the color is so calm. And the puffiness is my obsession right now! Perfect.

*All images source: Prom Times

So what do you think about my choices? :)

Saturday, February 28, 2015

From Where I Stand

Ahh, finally I can post something again here *exhales* even I'm not posting about my outfit yet again. I was quite busy these past few days, so I haven't got any chance to snap outfit pictures. Four days ago, I was having business trip to Semarang, well some training I can tell. Thus, I can't be as free as my usual travel trips *sigh* but I'm happy enough, because I found some spots to take these pictures while we were having coffee break. Being blocked in the building is not really my thing, but while I stand outside, feel the wind and see around, there are always some good spots to take photos (well, improving my skill though!)

Hope I get back with outfit shots real soon!