Saturday, October 25, 2014

Wake Up

Weekend is here yet over again.
Saturday night and I'm updating my blog. Is it an indication that I'm single? NO!!!!! lol :p
I have nothing much to do this weekend, since half of my fun yet adventurous plans are cancelled (wtf!). So yeah, back to the weekend routine that I find always make me happy -----workout.

What's better than spending weekend with your loved ones? Since I'm not living with my parents anymore, the only thing I can do when I miss them is wearing pieces of my mom's clothes. Just like the cardigan I wore today. It used to be my mom favorite, but now it's in my hand. Hahaaa. And now I know why she loved the cardigan much. It's so warm for the rainy days and calm for sunny days. And ohh, not to mention the colors! So elegant. Perfect. Don't you think so?

How I wish I could wake up like this everyday, with make up on, perfect clothes and neat hair.


cardigan - mom's
lace shorts - ROMWE

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Happy weekend, people!
I'm writing this entry at home! *happy* Well, it's been a month since my last visit to my hometown -Geez, yet I just finished my hometown trip post last week- my body seems like in their need of fresh air and warm hugged, heheee. So, here I am, at home in the next hour after made the decision. What's better than having family around you? I might be can live everywhere, since I have no problem with adapting to the new place, I love traveling though. But still, for me home is where my parents and two brothers are. Even if we argue a lot, fight a lot, home is the comfiest place on earth. *why am I crying right now, huh? LOL*

I walked around -without any companion this early morning- to the playground near my home, and seeing it has beautiful scenery. So without any doubt, I did what bloggers always do! Taking photos #BloggerDuty :D Thanks to camera-self-timer for taking these photos, LOL.
I never pack a lot when come back home since I usually only live there for three days at maximum. So loose shirt and comfy jeans are a must! They both go with everything though. And not to mention the perfect sneakers for a day long walks. I turn off my femininity while at home, so welcoming my boyish kinda look, please :))


two tone loose shirt - Airborne
sneakers - Converse

Sunday, October 12, 2014


After my long posts about my hometown, finally the last post of my trip unveiled today. I dedicated today's post for my high school best friends, especially the one who get married that day, Dewi. All of us should be eight girls, but sadly two girls couldn't make it there. So just five of us as guests and another one was being the bride :D I was super happy to meet them, and saw the bride as well. Meeting up is not easy these days, since all of us live in different cities. That's why I love when my friends are getting married, because it might be the best opportunity to get day off from hectic work.

We spent the day with chit-chatted in the wedding party, and took photos of course! But sadly, some of them are blurry, so I only share a little bit here. We really had a good time. I even can't wait for the next wedding invitation! lol.

I only have few girl friends (compares to boy friends) since I was kid, so I feel so grateful to have them in my high school life. At least I spent my high school as normal girl who could talk about period, boys and others just like girls always do. Well, grows up in man dominated family is not easy tough :p (dear brothers, if you read this, no need hard feeling, okay :p you guys know how much I love you both!)


left - right: Fatma, Ochi, me, Iga, Memey, Memey's brother

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Night Haul

Still images from my quick hometown trip! This is not going to be my last, just one more post in the next week and new images will come out, I promise :p

This time, I went out with my childhood mate, Aira, on the chill Saturday night. And we went out just two hours after I landed safely at home. Can you imagine how tiring my body was. Thus I chose my most comfortable loose shirt (which comes in man's Large size!), skinny flowery pants and a pair of sneakers. I even didn't put any make up, and forgot to bring my glasses to hide my bare face (ouhhh!), thankfully, Aira, with her kindness lend me her glasses :p

Time showed around 9.00 PM, and the shopping complex in China town was already closed, so yeah without wasting the opportunity, we took some snaps around! :D We filled up at KFC, okay I know it's junk food, and junk food is totally bad. But it's okay huh to get one in a period :p

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Few Minutes

The reason behind my back to my hometown last weekend is to attend my best-friends wedding (and of course to meet my parents :p). Best-friends weddings are somehow quite delightful, since it would be the moment to meet my other friends and free snacks! lol. I'm kidding, but if you take it seriously, it's totally okay since I do eat a lot lately. hahaaa. Okay, skip the meal part right now. 

This is my total wedding party look that day. You might have already seen every pieces from my wedding party head-to-toe look. You look it right, I re-used my things, combined and created new total look. The truth is, I was in such a rush the day before I came back home, and I only had few minutes left to pack, so yeah, I picked everything near me which I preferably, light and colorful. I never thought the flowery top will looks quite pretty (at least for me!) matched with silver tube skirt. Thoughts?

Anyway, do you notice my background pictures? Yes, it's the same building from my previous post, but this time I was in the back of the building. What a great place, don't you think so? ;)


P.S Thanks to Ochi's boyfie for helping me took these pictures :)

flower top - ROMWE (old collection)
silver skirt - Front Row Shop (old collection)
bag - PersunMall (old collection)
shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Dressen