Friday, December 19, 2014

Introducing: PickeDresses

Gloomy weather, here you come. Don’t let the gloomy weather ruin your special occasions. But, what’s better than bundling up yourself with layering of huge coat and long sleeves? Of course, sitting in front of fire works. Hahaa. Maybe that is one of many reasons why wedding party never happen in the end of year. Beside the impractical clothes that might be happen (well, imagine how we look like in layering clothes. Eek, snow girls are coming! LOL)

But, no need to worry again! Looking good in bad weather is not a problem anymore. I found a cool web store which sell a lot of dresses for wedding (and you might choose the dress for prom nigt as well! Cool huh!), please welcoming PickeDresses (! Just have a mind about what do you want to look like, and voila you can find anything from their site!

And for the cold weather problem as I mentioned above, you can find many pretty wedding or prom dresses which have long sleeves (in classy way of course!). I personally love choosing Black Prom Dresses as options, because I’d love to support the bad weather with elegance. Hahaa. So, my best choices will be black colored dress with long sleeves! And for the wedding, because white wedding dress is a must, long sleeves brocade dress might be a good option to prevent your skin from the coldness.

And here are my favorite dresses from PickeDresses. I’ll explain the reason why I choose it and the pros and cons, and to wear them, you only need to cover with a coat outside, and voila you ready to go! :D

This is the perfect prom dress for bad weather as I mentioned! It has 3/4 sleeves which of course can avoid coldness during the party. Plus it gets pretty because of the lace details over the neck and sleeves.

I always love pretty details, especially while it over the neck, so as a plus point, you don't need crowded necklace hanging in your neck, LOL. And high split? Sexyness overloaded! Wait until you see the back details! Turn over their site, and you will know what I meant ;)

*All images source: Picke Dresses

Thoughts? :

Monday, December 15, 2014

Introducing: Prom Times

Rainy days are coming! And it looks like will be staying for a little bit longer right now. What’s better than bundling up yourself in the warm coat and heavy jacket? Sitting in the front of fireworks for sure! Hahaa. Maybe because of its inefficient that is why student parties like prom night or graduation party never held in the end of the year. Imagine how do we look in the heavy long coat and else, voila snow girls are coming. Mehhh.

But now no need to worries anymore! Let me introduce new web store called Prom Times ( which provide high quality long gown, in this case especially to be worn in prom night in the rainy weather. Just like I told before, having bad weather doesn't mean we need to look ordinary. We should stay classy and elegant, but not override the healthiness. That is why we should smart in picking the right costume. And thank Godness, Prom Times also provide long prom dresses and what's even better? Its their best seller! Just take a look on Prom Times products below;
you might think that their products are high prices, but no, you get it wrong. Even if they provide high quality products, they have such an affordable price, such as prom dresses for only 30.00 pounds! And not to mention the SITE SALE that happening right now. (you can thank me later, and you're welcome :)

The best choice for the bad weather! Just cover it up with camel coat, and you ready to go without feeling freeze!

To feel like a Queen in this golden and black combination! Nice choice for those who want to rock the party and not afraid of the weather because of the Queen-ness feeling! LOL.


*All images source: Prom Times

So what do you think about my choices? :)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Take Me Anywhere

Tomorrow is Monday. Super sad. Why time should passed so fast while we enjoyed the moment we've been through? I had an extra day off this weekend, and now we're heading to Monday and getting back to work? Not fair.

I'm in my comfort zone. Loose shirt, baggy-ripped jeans, and sneakers. What a perfect life. Maybe I'm too lazy to "dress up", or maybe I'm too bored to look girly girl, or maybe this is my current style. Nevertheless, I'm enjoying every phase which cross in my life line right now. This is the outfit I wore in Saturday. From met up with some friends, got my beauty treatment into swam in the afternoon. And still, the photos took by my camera itself. Thanks again to camera timer, LOL. And yes, I got it, bad angle makes me look like a short kid. Meeeehhhhh. *crying*

So, how's your weekend goin'? :)


Take Me Anywhere shirt - Oasap
Ripped Jeans - Unbranded
Shoes - Puma

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Test Drive

Yaiyness for weekend!
As I told before in my bog birthday entry, that I bought something special in order to celebrate my blog 3rd birthday. And it arrived two days after the D-day (horaay!) Please welcoming my new DSLR camera. I also already wrote here that I promised to start saving for my dreamy camera, and here it is now. I'm happy like a kid! As you know, I always love red color because it's my favorite color, and now I have red camera!!!!! Super happy and I'm almost dying! Hahaaa. Okay it's a little bit overact :p
I'm new into Nikon world, so I'm still learning and adapting using it. Even though I do love the results of my every snaps, but still I'm still adapting. So here you go, my first outfit post with this babe. As I'm still learning, don't judge okay! LOL. But I'm pretty much open for every new lessons and else that you guys want to share with me! Especially if you use Nikon camera ;)


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Introducing: Wigsbuy for Human and Synthetic Wigs

The first week of December is almost end! Wow, time flies so fast! (you probably read this thousand times, but I mean it!) I can’t believe, I just celebrated this blog birthday at December 1, and now the end of the week is only one step ahead. Weekend yet again. And it also means Christmas is coming real soon. Do you guys bought christmas gifts already? Or maybe special preparation for the holy day? You guys really don’t want to look “ordinary, do you? My one and only concern nowadays is my hair.

It is true that hair is the crown for women. No matter what hairstyle you have, the most important thing for women is strong and healthy hair. It is never matters about long, short, straight, curl, black, brown, brunette or even colored hair, every women hair needs special treatments. But sometimes, the more products applied to our hair, the more damage it will be. Suck. I know it right! So, choosing the right hair products is a must. But then again, another problem shown up, how do we know the correct products for our hair? That is why I plan to cut my hair off, then I will use wig or hair extension to give a long healthy hair look instead of growing my natural hair. Luckily I accidentally found a wig store named Wigsbuy. They provide many styles for wig! Just in time when I need one. Ha! What is more? They also have hot deals for Christmas (just like the gift I talked about before, it’s a good sign, no? :) so girls if you plan to get your hair short (like me) you might love Wigsbuy site, because there are plenty wig (human and synthetic) to be collected. No more bad hair days and good deals for Christmas also! :D

And here are my most favorite wigs from Wigsbuy:

*All images source: Wigsbuy
So what do you think about my choices? :) Dare to visit Wigsbuy site?