Sunday, January 25, 2015

Going Back

I spent my weekend by crawling on my bed. Did nothing at its fullest. LOL. I even just went out to grab my lunch. But then I realized that I have this little place to escape called my blog. So I headed out to my laptop and voila, I still am writing this post! Yes, finally do something before my weekend officially ends. Hahaa. Well, it does feels relieving to write something here.

Life gets quite messy lately. Real messy. I hardly find someone to talk to. Well, you guys know my boyfie aren't here, plus I am the one who can't talk to somebody else. Not because I don't want to, or I don't need help. I do need help and want to share, but hey that's a typical of Cancerian, no? Always cherish to everyone, even if their hearts don't want to. Ahh, it's such a weird situation; when all you need is a big hug and someone to hear of, but all you do is not asking for help, but you just act like normal. But hey, who can blame Cancerian? Hahaaa. Things happen and I'm kinda tired of all of this. Maybe I need some fresh air, some short getaway to make sure I'm fulfill myself with lots and lots of positivity!

These set of photos are still from my Solo trip last week. And this was my outfit to back in town that day (heck yeah, I did changed my outfit on my way back!). I got change on my way from Stadion Manahan, the famous Solo's stadium. It is a big and awesome stadium. So many people do a lot of things there; from running, bicycling, skate boarding and so on. And I found this spot for photo shooting, and as usual le boyfie took these set of photos.

I'm gonna go grab my dinner right now, so have a nice weekend folks!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Train Station

Last Sunday, me and le boyfie went to Solo for quick trip. Well, this trip was a gift from le boyfie before he went back home this Tuesday. This will be a very long photo post, but I decide to spare into some blog posts, so it won't be a boring post which full of my face. Hahaa. As an introduction, here you go, my outfit post on the D-day!

We went to Solo by train (my favorite transportation, ever!) in the early morning. The weather was quite gloomy that day, so I wore my knitted dress which worn as top and my comfy yet warm blazer from my mom (well, mom knows me best! Thanks mom!). They did keep me from the coldness, but to think that it might be sunny in the noon, I still stubbornly wore mini skirt. Hahaaaa. And knew I was going to walk around the trip a lot, my preference was of course the super comfy and catchy Nike Airmax (which luckily matches my top!). Well, I guess this rumbling introduction is enough for this post. So, see you in the next round! ;)

P.S please excuse my tired and sleepy face, since I couldn't get enough sleep the day before and I was asleep in the whole way. LOL


blazer - mom's
dress worn as top - ROWL's
skirt - ROWL's
bag - Persunmall
shoes - Nike Airmax

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Two Sides

So many stories happened lately. Good and bad stories at the same round. Why is it always to be like that? Two sides of coins that always haunt us down in real life. I'm not quite understand with my feeling right now. In other side, so many things that I'm grateful for, happened. But in other hand, I need to handle things that I'm sure breaking my heart.

I just dyed my hair again last Saturday (yaaaiiiyy!) and still, this time I dye into dark red color (I'm not sure which color it is. Sorry! But it looks dark red color, so it's okay though to call mine with that) And this post is my first time out with my new color, sadly, it doesn't look quite red as I used to think. But it's okay, I'm still love it!!!! Bye bye black root hair!

Le boyfie helped me to take these set of photos in Sunday. After long hiatus we had, from regular Sunday workout training, lunch-ing, swimming, and finally able to get some rest and voila, producing these photos. Thank you, love! But sadly, he just told me that he will moves to his birth place, Bangka Island, next Monday. Okay it might be only 1-2 hours by plane from our town, but hey he just came back in town for only two weeks -_______- You guys know, when he is not around I will not be able to take beautiful photos anymore. No boyfie = no personal photographer. Meeeehhhhh #FirstBloggerProblem But then again, I'll get used into it, I'll find another way just like I usually do. Wish me luck!

P.S I haven't got tired with this pair of Jeffrey Campbell Dressen. As I always told, it's very comfy like hell. This time I coupled it with my ripped jeans. Double combo of comfort. Who doesn't love? :D


cardigan - mom's
ripped jeans - Jolie Ann
shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Dressen

Welcoming The Month of Love with PickeDresses

Time definitely flies very fast!!! (any words can describe it better? I just don’t get it why we’re already in the middle of January *sigh* Have you guys done your very first resolution? ;) And the exact date in the next month (Feb 14th I meant) is the date where lovebirds are everywhere. Hahahaa. Of course I’m one of those lovebirds XD Yes, as the month of celebrating love, pinkish pink will be shown up in every corner of our life; from head to toe, bathroom to bedroom, living room to dining room, until the place we do grocery shopping, true?

And the most essential thing (for girl especially) to be is gorgeous dress in pink of course to have a dinner out with your loved ones. I know it might be look childish or baby-ish if we don’t look for the right ones. But worry no more, the famous dress maker, PickeDresses ( just always in time to rescue dress seeker out there in their special occasions. In order to celebrates the month of love, they already prepare for producing pink dresses (which usually can happen to be Pink Prom Dresses also!). With competitive prices in the market and high quality materials they had, no wonder PickeDresses shown as one of the huge dress maker and retailers in the market.

And here are my personal favorites of their pink dresses! Find why I choose them :D P.S I try my best to choose the mature looking dress as I’m not a fan of looking childish :p but hey, their pink dresses are mostly looking fabulous and cute at the same time!!! And I can’t resist -______-

because less is more! The key of this dress is its simplicity. And yet, it's still looking fabulous because of its rich materials such as tulle.

who doesn't love high slit? An instant way to look sexy without looking bitchy. LOL. With halter kind of dress which has many details and high slit, you will steal all attention in the crowd!

*All images source: PickeDresses

So, what do you guys think about my choices? :)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Rush Hour

My very first post of me wearing heels in this 2015. Is it a sign that I'm ready to rocking my life with heels anymore? Hmm, maybe. Since I'm already ready-steady with my heels bucket list to be bought this year. Hahaaa. *shopping alert* Please forgive me, my bank account. LOL.

I'm yet again updating my blog in the morning (it's 6:30 AM). It becomes my habit lately to update my blog at this kind of time, which I usually upload the photos the night before, and write plus publish the story in the next morning. Hahaaa. Is it good or bad? Well,no matter what's time though, as long as I'm updating this blog everything is okay, no? :) But as I'm updating every morning, it makes me unable to tell a lot, since I always am in a rush to go to work -______- So, see you guys very soon!