Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sweetest Birthday

Here I am, at home, doing nothing and enjoying my holiday to the fullest! :p But I'm kinda bored, so I write this blog after queuing for my bro's laptop (I'm in holiday tough, didn't bring my laptop is totally okay *excuse* :p )

So, two weeks ago (July 14th, 2014 to be exact) I was starting my new age. Yes, I turned into 24 years old this year. And my boyfriend was being sweet by placing a lot of balloons at my room, and not to forget the gifts and cake! It was so touching, I even cried. Well, I know he is always that sweet in my special moments, but still I couldn't help to feel it as ordinary and always feel surprised.
And the day after my birthday, my Australian best friend, Natalie, asked me to have dinner together. I thought we just got dinner just like we usually do, but NO! She made me cry by giving me special cupcakes for my birthday :") And she wasn't forget giving me gift too, a box of mini ice cream!
Maybe this year is my sweetest birthday ever! (literally sweet! :D )

Getting old is somehow not a good idea for some people (including myself some time), but it will be totally okay, when you surround yourself with peoples you loved. They might not staying forever in your side, but always there for you by heart :)


ROMWE - Best Sellers Sale

Hey people!
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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Night Trip

Call me crazy, but EHEM I'm totally madly in love with my Jeffrey Campbell Dressen. Can't get enough over it! Probably the most comfiest heels I have so far and I wear it like a lot -more than the pictures can show! Every time I choose an outfit to go, my heart always falls into these shoes. It feels like I have no other shoes :( Is that a sign to get a new pair of shoes? (okay, another excuse to shop! horraaayyyy!!)
Anyway, I can't hardly wait for holidays!!! One more week to go and voila three days off are coming! Yaiyyynesss again :D
Well work is always hectic, so even though only three days off are soooo precious! LOL. Any plan for holidays, people? ;)


bag - PersunMall
shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Dressen

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Morning

So, last Sunday I visited my workmate, Tika, in her work event called Sunday Morning. Sunday Morning stands for weekly event which held every Sunday. It looks like flea market in the morning and be normal street after 12 PM. There are so many unique and rare stuffs sold there. I personally love to go there (even I only happen to visit that market fifth times in my six years of living in Yogyakarta, LOL) because can see and meet many people with different faces, styles and smells and others. ;) The Sunday Morning market always packed with people, so be careful with your stuffs.
Anyway, I'm so exciting about tomorrow! Because I'm gonna have my 24th birthday ;) you guys should really bring me gifts, okay! LOL.
Have a nice Sunday.


bag - Reebok